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Hiconics Enlightens the Green Energy with its HiEnergy Series Residential Energy Storage System in Australia

SYDNEY, March 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hiconics Eco-energy Technology (“Hiconics”, SHE300048), a green energy brand of the Midea Industrial Technology, has announced the debut of its revolutionary HiEnergy Series of residential energy storage systems (ESS) on the sidelines of Smart Energy 2024 exhibition.

Hiconics delivers on a commitment to green energy solutions and innovative storage systems. With the global resources and expertise of its parent company, Midea Group, it aims to provide cutting-edge answers to today’s energy and environmental challenges. The debut of the HiEnergy Series in Australia represents a significant milestone in the company’s expansion strategy and a promise of a more sustainable future.

“In a world increasingly leaning towards a lower-carbon lifestyle, energy storage systems are evolving from mere backup power solutions to smart systems that manage whole-house green energy,” said Dennis Lee, General Manager for Midea Hiconics Overseas Company. “They’re becoming intuitive platforms that perceive individual human needs and offer more personalized energy solutions.”

Safety is one of the cornerstones of the HiEnergy Series. Products come equipped with aerosol explosion-proof technology and a built-in temperature regulation system. When the battery temperature rises to potentially dangerous levels, the system activates automatic aerosol deloading, significantly mitigating fire risks. Moreover, the product’s cables are hidden, and the battery-to-BMS-box connection is wireless, effectively reducing the risks often associated with traditional methods.

Design and user experience have not been overlooked. The HiEnergy Series features modular quick connection technology, making installation as straightforward as stacking kids building blocks. It’s a residential-friendly system with a visually appealing exterior. The product is also IP65 rated, making it water- and dust-proof for safe outdoor installation.

Further strengthening its market presence, Hiconics will offer comprehensive market support in Australia and New Zealand. The company promises competitive pricing, continuous improvements in lead time, and robust training programs to ensure product quality and reliability. The brand also plans to optimize channel management by implementing product and price differentiation, strong go-to-market strategies, and attractive annual reward programs.

Australia serves as the starting point for Hiconics’ international expansion, heralding a new chapter in its global strategy. The company has aggressive plans to showcase its innovations in the upcoming months. These efforts solidify Hiconics’ commitment not only to broadening its international footprint but also to setting new standards in sustainable and customized energy solutions for households worldwide.

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About Hiconics

Hiconics, established in 2003, was public listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange under the abbreviation “Hiconics” and the stock code “300048” on January 20, 2010. In 2020, it is officially inforporated into the Midea Group. Currently, as the leading entity in the green energy sector of its parent group, Hiconics has a broad presence in household, industrial, and commercial sectors, with its operations spanning across residential energy storage, VFDs, and distributed photovoltaic power stations.