Thursday, July 18, 2024
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JA Solar Signs Cooperation Declaration with CMA CGM

BEIJING, March 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On 28 February, JA Solar, a leading manufacturer of high-performance solar products, and CMA CGM, a global player in logistics solutions, convened at CMA CGM’s Shanghai headquarters for the signing ceremony of their cooperation declaration. During this event, JA Solar also presented CMA CGM with the “2023 Excellent Supplier Award” in recognition of their outstanding service and partnership. Present at the event were Shouwei Li, Co-Executive President of JA Solar, and Rodolphe Saadé, Chairman and CEO of CMA CGM Group, among others.

JA Solar Signs Cooperation Declaration with CMA CGM
JA Solar Signs Cooperation Declaration with CMA CGM

JA Solar and CMA CGM have forged a durable and steadfast partnership in recent years. In 2023, The actual transaction volume between the two sides exceeded the contracted amount by 18%. Acknowledging CMA CGM’s comprehensive support throughout 2023, notably in facilitating smooth project deliveries in India with top-tier services and in ensuring shipping spaces, JA Solar is proud to present CMA CGM the prestigious title of “2023 Excellent Strategic Cooperation Supplier”.

In the meeting, the two companies had in-depth communication on future collaborations. Upholding the principle of “prioritizing openness, fairness, and complementary advantages, aiming for mutual benefit and win-win outcomes,” both JA Solar and CMA CGM expressed their willingness to further broaden their cooperation to foster a comprehensive strategic partnership, and jointly propel the overall advancement of both companies.

In the meeting, the two sides signed the Declaration of Principles for Strategic Cooperation.  Based on their cooperation in the European and American markets and the development strategies of the two companies, they are seeking further cooperation across entire route.

As a global leader in new energy power generation solutions, JA Solar has long been at the forefront of forging direct partnerships with leading shipping companies, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the high-efficiency delivery of products to global customers. Looking ahead, JA Solar will collaborate closely with shipping companies, ensuring timely and secure product delivery, to promote the robust development of the industry.