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Leading the Intelligent-Driven Future by New Digital Infrastructure: China Telecom Cloud and Connectivity Summit at MWC 2024 Successfully Held.

HONG KONG, March 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On February 27th, the China Telecom Cloud and Connectivity Summit was successfully held at the grand 2024 Mobile World Congress (MWC2024) in Barcelona. With the theme of ” Leading the Intelligent-Driven Future by New Digital Infrastructure,” this summit brought together communication industry leaders and prestigious corporate representatives from various countries and regions worldwide. With the cloud as the driving core and the network as the link, they shared the latest technological innovations of China Telecom, aiming to explore the potential of global interconnection in the digital era.

(From left to right) Mr. Tang Ke, Executive Vice President of China Telecom; Mr Li Zixue, Chairman and Executive Director of ZTE; Mr. Ke Ruiwen, Chairman and CEO of China Telecom, Mr. Xie Cun, Director of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; Mr. Andrew Lowe, EY Global Technology Strategy & Transformation Lead
(From left to right) Mr. Tang Ke, Executive Vice President of China Telecom; Mr Li Zixue, Chairman and Executive Director of ZTE; Mr. Ke Ruiwen, Chairman and CEO of China Telecom, Mr. Xie Cun, Director of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; Mr. Andrew Lowe, EY Global Technology Strategy & Transformation Lead

Consolidate consensus, drive innovation, and race ahead in the global digital wave journey.

In his address, Mr. Mats Granryd, Director General of the GSMA, emphasized the importance of China Telecom consensus-building and innovating in driving the global digital trends. He acknowledged China Telecom as a guiding light in this transformative journey, actively deploying cloud services and expanding strategic networks. This not only demonstrates their commitment to leading the industry’s transition from telecommunications operator to technology-driven enterprise but also inspires the entire industry.

Mr. Ke Ruiwen, Chairman and CEO of China Telecom, emphasized that as a telecommunications operator at the forefront of proposing the concept of cloud-network integration, China Telecom adheres to the principles of “network as the foundation, cloud as the core, and a focus on artificial intelligence.” He further highlighted the active promotion of technological innovation, leading to a series of significant breakthroughs. China Telecom will further expand its high-level opening to the outside world, strengthen technological innovation, actively share its experience in cloud-network integration, digital transformation, intelligent operations, and technological innovation, and actively explore and promote international business cooperation and scientific research cooperation. It aims to collaborate with more enterprises in the industry chain, industrial capital, research institutions, and other stakeholders globally to build an open, shared, and win-win new ecosystem for cloud-network integration. Together, China Telecom will promote the rapid development of next-generation information technology and create a better future in the digital era.

A decade of dedicated efforts, spanning the globe, culminates in the release of three major achievements in cloud-network integration.

In recent years, China Telecom has deepened its efforts in cloud-network integration, accelerated the upgrade of intelligent computing, promoted the interconnection of smart networks, and implemented a comprehensive strategy. It actively promotes the important achievements it has made to broader regions worldwide, continuously creating new value for the high-quality development of the global economy and society. During the sharing session, Mr. Tang Ke, the Executive Vice President of China Telecom, made a significant announcement regarding three important achievements in China Telecom’s practice of cloud-network integration. He also put forward the new vision of “co-consultation, co-construction, co-sharing, and win-win” for China Telecom’s digital future.

Achievement 1: Global Capability Release of eSurfing Cloud. As the most prominent outcome of China Telecom’s practice in cloud-network integration, eSurfing Cloud has provided solutions for over 2 million enterprise users in more than 200 industry-specific scenarios worldwide. It has partnered with over 5,000 companies in key sectors such as finance, energy, construction, and industrial manufacturing. After more than a decade of development, eSurfing Cloud has established a global cloud resource layout of “9+30+X+N,” realizing a cloud-network infrastructure that combines “centralization, regionalization, localization, and edge computing capabilities”, with a bandwidth capacity of over 113T spanning multiple regions worldwide. Building upon eSurfing Cloud’s extensive network and wide distribution of edge computing power, China Telecom has made further breakthroughs in key technologies such as computational resource scheduling, next-generation IT infrastructure, intelligent computing engine platforms, and large-scale intelligent computing service platforms. This has formed an integrated cloud-intelligence computational service system.

Achievement 2: CTGNet Capability Release. CTGNet is the next-generation backbone IP international network of China Telecom. By introducing new technologies like SDN and SRv6, as well as a new generation of operational systems, CTGNet offers high-speed ubiquitous, intelligent agile, secure, and reliable connectivity capabilities, along with a robust global operational support system. The CTGNet product portfolio includes GT and China Lite products, which provide global Internet transit services, as well as international and local Internet access products for high-quality Chinese content. While serving the cross-border traffic transit needs of global operators, CTGNet also provides convenient, efficient, and cost-controlled network support for enterprises expanding their global businesses.

Achievement 3: “Mobile Direct-to-Satellite” Capability Release. In 2023, China Telecom launched the world’s first mobile direct-to-satellite service, enabling mass-market consumer mobile phones to have two-way voice calling and SMS communication via satellite. Even in remote areas such as mountains and deserts where mobile network signals are difficult to reach, users can still enjoy integrated communication services without changing their phones, SIM cards, or numbers. In the future, China Telecom will gradually build a globally integrated network that combines broadband and narrowband, coordinates high and low orbits, and covers the distance, space, and scale. This aims to create intelligent communication services that are available anytime, anywhere, and in response to demand. China Telecom will also focus on promoting TianTong International operations to support the construction of the “Belt and Road” spatial information corridor and upgrade the information infrastructure capabilities of countries along the Belt and Road.

Hand in hand with partners, leveraging collective strength, to create a new trajectory for venturing into the international cloud services market.

The forum invited numerous China Telecom ecological partners, representatives from leading enterprises, and industry experts to discuss the crucial role of cloud services in global digital transformation. Together, they witnessed the new developments in China Telecom’s eSurfing Cloud’s overseas capabilities and shared new insights gained from their collaboration in the cloud ecosystem, aiming to jointly create a new trajectory for cloud services’ international expansion.

Mr. Andrew Lowe, the EY Global Technology Strategy & Transformation Lead, shared insights on the theme ” Cloud Ecological Collaboration and Prospects for Digital Transformation.” He highlighted the immense opportunities and potential that lie ahead for eSurfing Cloud in its global expansion journey.

During the event, the global launch ceremony of eSurfing Cloud was successfully held. Distinguished guests and leaders from China Telecom went on stage together to support the global journey of eSurfing Cloud, symbolizing its departure towards the world.

China Telecom is committed to deepening global digital infrastructure capabilities, providing reliable, efficient, and secure digital services to global users, and offering competitive and forward-looking solutions to help them confront the challenges of digital transformation. At the same time, China Telecom will persistently adhere to the principles of openness and sharing, actively establish partnerships with upstream and downstream players in the industry chain, gather collective wisdom and resources, achieve complementary advantages, and form strong collaborations. Together, China Telecom will assist global users in seizing new opportunities in the digital future and jointly weave a new chapter in the digital future.