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Team NAVER Showcases “K-Tech” at LEAP, Unveiling the World’s First Web Platform-enabled OS for Robotics

  • TEAM NAVER presents its top-notch technical capabilities in AI, Cloud, Robotics, and Autonomous driving to the global audience at the ‘Saudi Arabian CES’, LEAP
  • Keynote on Mar. 5 to unveil “ARC mind,” a robotics OS that combines Whale web platform technology with robotics software technology, aimed at high scalability enabled by web platform

SEONGNAM, South Korea, March 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Team NAVER will attend the global tech exhibition LEAP 2024 in Saudi Arabia, showcasing its world-class technologies that are laying the groundwork for its global expansion.

LEAP is the largest tech exhibition in Saudi Arabia hosted by MCIT (Saudi Arabian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology), with the event garnering over 170,000 visitors from 183 countries across the globe last year. Team NAVER’s booth will be located in Hall 1 – Big Tech, the main exhibition hall, along with other global tech giants such as Google, Apple, Meta, AWS, MS, and IBM.

On Mar. 4 (local time), Team NAVER kicked off its official schedule for LEAP 2024 by opening up its own exhibition under the theme “Global Tech Convergence Company.” The event, which will be held until the 7th of this month, will be an opportunity to promote “K-Tech” that ranges from search, hyperscale AI, cloud, data center, robotics, and to autonomous driving.

[Photo] Team NAVER booth at LEAP 2024, held in Saudi Arabia from Mar. 4
[Photo] Team NAVER booth at LEAP 2024, held in Saudi Arabia from Mar. 4

On Mar. 5 (local time), the second day of the exhibition, the keynote will be given by Team NAVER. Dr. Sang-ok Seok, CEO of NAVER LABS, will deliver a keynote on “Tech Convergence for Future Cities,” sharing the technological advancement of Team NAVER in the global landscape including AI, robotics, autonomous driving, cloud, digital twin, and XR, while providing a blueprint of future smart cities enabled by such technological prowess.  

The world’s first web platform-enabled OS for robotics developed by Team NAVER, named “ARC mind powered by Whale OS,” will also be unveiled during the keynote. ARC mind will empower developers to integrate numerous web applications into robot services and will provide specialized web API for controlling, recognizing and moving of robots. This signifies that web developers across the globe will now be able to use ARC mind to easily develop diverse robot services. NAVER plans to implement ARC mind to its own robots first, with the ultimate plans of expanding it to a fully open ecosystem.

Furthermore, ARC mind has a simpler structure compared to other existing OS for robotics, making it lightweight and fast. It also provides OTA (Over-the-air) technology that uses wireless communication to update software in real-time, enabling new features to be applied to robots right away. Other features that allow for the control and monitoring of robotics hardware and application software will also be provided.

ARC mind is a feat achieved by Team NAVER’s competitive edge in the global tech sector, enabled by the company’s mid-to-long-term investment in technical capabilities. Team NAVER has continuously expanded its tech portfolio from web platform to robotics software by developing and operating “Whale browser,” “Whale OS,” and the multi-robot intelligence system ARC (AI-Robot-Cloud). Such technical capabilities became the basis for ARC mind, which converges advanced technologies of the future.

[Image] ARC mind
[Image] ARC mind

Along with ARC Mind, the next-generation Robotics Edge Computing Platform currently in joint development with Samsung Electronics’ System LSI Division, will also be unveiled. This project aims to combine NAVER’s operating system and software solutions with semiconductor solutions from Samsung Electronics, including SoC (System on Chip) and image sensors, to create an integrated Robotics Edge Computing Platform. Through this collaborative partnership, Team NAVER plans to accelerate the popularization of robotics.

[Image] Robotics Edge Computing Platform
[Image] Robotics Edge Computing Platform

“The OS was developed by converging web platform technology from NAVER CLOUD’s Whale and robotics software technology from NAVER LABS, and will create the optimal environment to develop and provide a wider variety of robots and robotic services to future cities,” said a spokesperson from NAVER. “This will open up a new field of robotics to web developers around the world and speed up the mass adoption of robotics in our everyday lives.”