Sunday, July 14, 2024
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135th Canton Fair Showcases Innovations: A Stage for Cutting-Edge Tech Products

 In an era where consumers prioritize quality, experience, and innovation, leading companies across various sectors are embracing technology-driven transformation. The 135th China Import and Export Fair (“Canton Fair” or “the Fair”) is spotlighting this trend by gathering top enterprises focused on technological research and development. Pioneering products in New Energy and New Materials and more are showcased to meet the global demand for innovative solutions.

Guangdong Jinyuan Solar Energy Co., Ltd., dedicated to key technological breakthroughs in photovoltaic storage applications, as well as LED packaging and lighting fields, has developed high-efficiency photovoltaic modules, featuring multi-busbar (MBB) technology with a total production capacity reaching 1.5GW. Their solar lighting products introduced at the fair can complement grid electricity with solar charging, offering high luminous efficacy, color rendering index (CRI), uniformity long lifespan, and extended operating hours, alongside an independently developed intelligent control system for comprehensive commercial, residential, and engineering applications. More information can be found at

At the forefront of modern technological conveniences is the challenge of reducing operational noise to enhance quality of life—a concern shared by both consumers and businesses. GZ Dotels Electric Appliances Co., Ltd., a company with years of expertise in cooling and heating as well as new energy technologies, leads the industry with its advancements in silent technology, product efficiency, and corrosion-resistant materials. Among its showcased products are the R290 Integrated Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater and a 7kW R290 All-in-one Water Machine that exemplifies their R&D achievements. Notably, their 7kW R290 unit employs cutting-edge silent patent technology that achieved a sound power level of only 53.5dB(A) under A7W55 conditions at Intertek’s internationally recognized noise laboratory. Please visit for more detail.

Guangdong Relang New Material Technology Co., Ltd., specialized in polymer solid surface materials brings its international brand Durasein, new color series particle surface, among other solid surface material products to the fair. Large particle terrazzo products represent the Company’s innovative approach to acrylic solid surface textures. By adjusting particle size distribution, these products retain classic terrazzo look and texture while incorporating modern style sought after by consumers. Supported by Weber’s advanced water grinding technology, along with Relang’s proprietary sheet thermal bending process, these offerings excel in color texture consistency and stability. Detailed information is on

The 135th Canton Fair stands out as a platform for showcasing high-tech innovations from industry-leading companies, committed to research development innovation. For more information on this edition please register