Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Anycubic Unveils 2024 Strategy to Refine 3D Printing Experience

Anycubic unveiled a groundbreaking initiative set to revolutionize the landscape of home 3D printing with its innovative product matrix strategy for 2024. The eagerly awaited annual roadmap was uncovered with the introduction of two highly anticipated products from Anyubic’s two core products series Kobra and Photon: the multi-color FDM printer Kobra 3 combo and intellectual assisting Photon Mono M7 Pro boasting 14K precision. Building upon these two advancements, a diverse array of products are curated to elevate various facets of printing scenarios. This aligns with the pivotal introduction to Anycubic’s creative community platform, Makeronline, which fosters an environment for enhancing users’ creative endeavors in 3D printing.

Anycubic Unveils 2024 Strategy to Refine 3D Printing Experience
Anycubic Unveils 2024 Strategy to Refine 3D Printing Experience

Quest for Printing Excellence: Forging Printers for All

Anycubic’s proficiently assembled R&D teams meticulously track user demands. A previous teaser from Anycubic hinted at the imminent launch of the much-awaited multi-color printer, the Anycubic Kobra 3 Combo. The Anycubic Kobra 3 itself stands out as a high-speed FDM printer, reaching a remarkable speed of 600mm/s, with Anycubic aiming to establish this speed as the new standard, redefining the concept of “typical speed”. The Combo unit, known as the Color Engine Pro, captivates users with its most exciting feature: genuine multi-color 3D printing capability. It facilitates a cascade of two units, augmenting the printing of models from 4 colors to 8. Moreover, the Color Engine offers practical features such as RFID recognition, which detects Anycubic filament colors and surplus status, and active drying functionality that dries filament during printing.

Furthermore, following the excitement surrounding the Kobra 3 Combo, Anycubic emphasizes its dedication to offering a diverse range of 3D printer types in the upcoming phases, ranging from bed-slinger to Core-XY structure, catering to the varied needs of users. The emphasis on plug-and-play functionality resonates with the expanding user base, which now encompasses individuals from all backgrounds and expertise levels.

Anycubic also introduces exciting upgrades to its Photon series with the Photon Mono M7 Pro and the M7. Evolved from previous iterations, which have established the current Photon series as synonymous with premium precision up to 14K and rapid printing speeds of up to 130mm/h, the most noteworthy aspect of the Photon Mono M7 Pro is its thoughtfully handling of every stage of the printing process. This internally developed intelligent assistant support is made possible through core algorithms such as AI vision, motion control, and motor control, which reduce the barrier to entry for users and amplify the overall printing experience. While the integration of intelligent assistant accelerates printing speeds, it also prioritizes printing quality and reliability.

“Our goal is to elevate our users’ entire 3D printing journey with the latest technological trends, optimal functionalities, and premium quality. In 2024, we plan to introduce a comprehensive lineup of products designed to inspire individuals in every household to unleash their creativity.”
OuYang Lu, The Founder of Anycubic

In the realm of 3D printing, the journey extends far beyond the mere machinery. Anycubic understands that every element contributes to the whole printing experience. From consumables to accessories, software to community engagement, each facet holds significance.

Beyond Mere Consumables: Aesthetic Empowerment

Anycubic’s latest venture brings forth a collaboration with Pantone, introducing an exclusive filament line. Recognizing the vital role of color in the creative process, Anycubic prioritizes this collaboration in its multifaceted approach. This collaboration signifies more than just a range of hues; it embodies Anycubic’s identity, its community, and the collective commitment to innovation and collaboration.

Within Anycubic’s consumable segment, filaments for FDM printers and resins for SLA printers serve as the foundation. However, for Anycubic, it’s not merely about supplying materials—it’s about crafting an immersive experience. As the company evolves, so does its philosophy on consumables, ensuring makers receive nothing short of excellence. Beyond technical specifications and performance metrics, there’s a deeper focus on aesthetics and user experience.

Revolutionizing Software: A Digital Frontier

Anycubic is assembling a team of adept software developers to revolutionize both the Anycubic Slicer and Photon Workshop platforms, embarking on a journey of innovation. This ambitious initiative is geared towards ensuring seamless integration with Anycubic Cloud, promising to redefine the 3D printing experience.

Notably, these software enhancements encompass a comprehensive range of features. From enabling easy colorization, modification, and slicing of multi-color models to empowering users with remote control capabilities across various devices—including computers and smartphones—Anycubic’s software upgrades are set to simplify the intricacies of multi-color 3D printing. Moreover, real-time monitoring of printing progress and the option for video surveillance provide users with added peace of mind and convenience.

Also, the software will support local area network mode for Kobra 3 series, enabling users to remotely operate their 3D printers via slicing software within their local network environment. This ensures smooth functionality without the constraints of network latency, thereby boosting user privacy and printing experience.

Connecting Communities: Building Bridges, Igniting Creativity

In an effort to cultivate meaningful connections, Anycubic discloses its latest venture: the Makeronline community platform and a revamped official website, with the official launch scheduled for mid-April. Makeronline went live and became active on March 28th, attracting over one thousand 3D model designers to enroll. Designed to serve as a vibrant hub for users, Makeronline will foster lively interaction and discussions, encourage exploration in creation, facilitate model sharing, and promote collaborative creation. Offering a myriad of opportunities including diverse competitions, user-generated content forums, and enriching resources, Makeronline is set to ignite creativity and enhance the collective experience of our dynamic community. Stay tuned for Makeronline’s 1st 3D Printing Design Challenge on 15th April.

Competition is intense in 2024, and Anycubic firmly believes that healthy competition yields substantial benefits, resulting in an increased quantity and quality of products and enhanced user experiences for our customers. As Anycubic propels into the future with its 2024 announcement, the vision remains clear: to cultivate the home 3D printing experience and support creators globally. Guided by a dedication to excellence, innovation, and community, Anycubic steadily advances, embracing a new era of potential and creativity.