Saturday, July 20, 2024

Grand Opening of April 2024’s Global Sources Sports & Outdoor and Fashion: Unveiling New Business Opportunities in Sports Fashion

Phase 3 of the 2024 Global Sources Hong Kong Shows officially opened today, bringing together two shows – Global Sources Sports & Outdoor and Global Sources Fashion. The event will run until April 30 at AsiaWorld-Expo. With the rising global popularity of health consciousness, the sports and outdoor industry is experiencing explosive growth, presenting enormous market prospects. To meet the pressing sourcing needs of buyers worldwide, the April 2024 Global Sources Hong Kong Shows introduce a new show to the lineup. Global Sources Sports & Outdoor showcases high-quality, fashionable, technological, and environmentally friendly sports and outdoor products and sportswear from Asia. This includes equipment for camping, fitness, watersports, outdoor activities, as well as sports clothing and accessories.

Global Sources Fashion showcases the most personalized and design-conscious fashion products, as well as environmentally friendly clothing, fashion bags, and popular accessories. International suppliers of fashionable apparel and accessories from countries such as India and Vietnam have been specially invited to show their highly distinctive fashion products and crafts, injecting new design concepts and creativity into the event. It provides buyers with a wider range of choices and a richer procurement experience. Global Sources Fashion aims to promote global trade and cultural exchange in the fashion industry and make positive contributions to the sustainable development of the industry.

John Kao, Global Sources Vice President for Hong Kong and Overseas Shows, said, Global Sources Hong Kong Shows are poised to grasp the market trends with the timely launching of the Sports & Outdoor show, seizing the booming opportunities in the sports and leisure industry. It aims to gather high-quality suppliers to target the global buyer market.” Global Sources Sports & Outdoor, along with Global Sources Fashion, features nearly 1,000 booths and over 50,000 products, creating a one-stop sports fashion sourcing platform.

Sports Carnival Breaks Traditional Exhibition Formats, Jointly Organized On-Site Events with PURE

The show has specially set up a sports carnival in Hall 5, aiming to provide buyers with a new exhibition experience through a series of sports and outdoor-related themed activities and competitions. Breaking away from the traditional exhibition format, the area features games such as basketball, air hockey, smart bike riding, darts, and table football. Buyers can enjoy the fun of sports in entertaining competitions while gaining deeper insights into the functionality and practicality of sports and outdoor products. Through immersive experiences, it provides exhibitors and buyers with a more intuitive and interactive platform for communication, allowing them to experience the charm of a healthy lifestyle and the excitement of outdoor products.

To complement the theme, the third phase of the Global Sources Hong Kong Shows will host a series of professional forums, focusing on the topic of “Fashion Tech Revolution Across Design, ESG and Retail.” Industry experts and scholars have been invited to discuss the future direction of the industry and share insights on the market and the current international trade situation. During the exhibition, high-end fitness center PURE will provide InBody checks, chair yoga experiences and sharing sessions. The detailed InBody checks enable participants to gain more insights into their health status from experts, while chair yoga offers traditional poses supported by chairs, guided by professional yoga instructors. This event not only allows buyers to understand and experience the latest sports and outdoor products but also enables them to actively participate in health and fitness practices.

Camping Craze Sweeps the Globe

As the global camping craze continues, the show features a dedicated Camping and Leisure Zone, showcasing a wide range of popular products including camping gear, outdoor furniture, and outdoor energy storage. Concurrently, the exhibition also follows the fashion trends of outdoor sports, showcasing sportswear that combines fashion, technology, and sporting elements. These garments not only utilize eco-friendly materials, aligning with ESG principles, but also lead the new trend of green sports fashion by inspiring new visual and wearing experiences, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable development and environmental concepts.

Trends Spotlight: Unveils New Fashion Color Trends with PANTONE

The show has set up a special Color Trends Spotlight in Hall 11, aimed at inspiring designers’ and buyers’ creativity through the display and application of colors. To better lead fashion trends, Global Sources Fashion has once again partnered with PANTONE, the world’s leading color institute, to present and interpret the fashion color trends for the 2025 Spring/Summer season. The zone showcases outstanding product designs that apply selected Pantone colors to various fashion items. This helps buyers and exhibitors observe and learn about the use of color in fashion products up close, understanding how to enhance product attractiveness through color combinations and variations. It also leads the direction of color fashion trends.

During the Trends Forecast Conference, PANTONE will release the fashion color outlook for Spring/Summer 2025, unlocking the season’s fashion color trend secrets, providing valuable information and guidance for professionals in the fashion industry. Through this color trend sharing, buyers and exhibitors can better grasp market trends, and predict and plan future product development and marketing strategies.

Focus on Sustainable Growth and ESG Principles

As a leading international O2O trade platform and event organizer, Global Sources maintains a strong commitment to sustainable development, as reflected in the integration of sustainable practices into various aspects of the event. By optimizing the show process, reducing carbon footprint and enhancing digital services, Global Sources has reinforced its sustainable sourcing practices, establishing a new benchmark for professional trade platforms and promoting industry development.

This year, Global Sources is debuting a new “Show Genie” feature within its mobile app, which includes e-badges and interactive maps for use at our shows, and the option to add exhibitor notes. These features aim to enhance the overall sourcing experience, allowing buyers to plan their visits efficiently in advance and navigate the shows more easily. Exhibitors, meanwhile, can leverage this feature to drive onsite traffic and expand their online show opportunities.

Moreover, the show serves as a platform to showcase a wide range of green, low-carbon, and environmentally friendly products that meet environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards, allowing visitors to intuitively experience the practical applications of sustainable development in the fashion and leisure industries. The show invites industry experts and scholars to share insights on environmental protection, social responsibility, and sustainable sourcing, fostering discussions on the future development of the industry.