Saturday, July 20, 2024

R2C2 Interview: The Potential of Robot Management Platforms and Quadruped Robots

R2C2, an up-and-coming Hong Kong-based startup, has been dedicated to developing quadruped robots and their control platforms. Their ARC (AI-Robot-Collaboration) system has garnered praise within the industry. Techapple recently conducted an interview with their founder and CEO, San Wong, to share insights on entrepreneurship and robotics technology.

R2C2’s core product is a robot management platform that integrates robots from various brands into a single management system. The platform supports several popular brands in the market, allowing users to manage and dispatch robots to perform various tasks through a unified interface, enabling cross-brand robot management. Their platform is akin to application software on an operating system, assisting in completing different tasks and serving as an application layer built on top of the robot operating system. The hardware component of the system is a box-shaped device that can be equipped with high-definition cameras, night vision lenses, infrared lenses, and other features such as GPS. Currently, R2C2’s platform primarily serves large clients in the construction surveying and public transportation industries. San explained that large and medium-sized enterprises that employ multiple robots have a greater need for a unified management platform. At present, R2C2 is well-suited for small and medium-sized logistics companies that connect robots from multiple brands, as well as untapped niche markets such as industrial inspection and hazardous area patrols.

R2C2’s robot management platform has already achieved data collection capabilities and incorporates built-in AI models for vision and voice. It can develop customized intelligent solutions for specific scenarios. According to San, they will also collaborate with partners to provide services such as in-depth data analysis. By leveraging the strengths of both parties through professional partnerships, they can create better products.

Quadruped robots are a key focus for R2C2’s development. San stated that compared to wheeled or tracked robots, quadruped robots have slightly lower load-bearing capacity but excel in flexibility on complex terrain. There is still significant room for optimization in algorithms and structure for quadruped robots. As related technologies advance, their application prospects are immeasurable. R2C2 currently holds a leading position in the industry in terms of practical experience with quadruped robots and deployment in outdoor environments.

Looking ahead, San believes that the company’s products have immense potential in European, American, and Japanese markets due to their developed industrial systems and vast geographic areas, which have a greater need for R2C2’s robot management solutions. Going forward, R2C2 will continue to deepen its presence in the Hong Kong market while also expanding its overseas business to seek new growth points.

San admitted that the entrepreneurial journey is fraught with challenges in technology, customers, management, and funding. Manufacturing hardware products is particularly difficult due to factors such as a shortage of various engineering talents and limited industrial support in Hong Kong. Based on his experience, perseverance requires not only maintaining belief but also communicating with customers to understand market demands and finding a balance between taking on projects to sustain operations and developing products, which makes product development easier.

The quadruped robot market is a relatively new blue ocean, and with the rapid development of IoT technology in recent years, application scenarios have significantly increased. Let us look forward to R2C2’s future development.