Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Adding Interactive Elements to Create New Value from Old Displays

In the current era of AI and advanced technology, commercial-grade displays, especially large screens, have long lifespans and are quite expensive. Many companies, after purchasing such large displays, need to upgrade to higher-quality products for various reasons. The challenge then becomes finding a use for the old devices. Recently, local interactive technology company MGV Innovation has been helping many clients upgrade their old displays by integrating new content and interactive elements. This transformation not only makes the old displays valuable tools for customer service and promotion but also promotes environmental sustainability and adds value to the investment.

Interview with MGV Innovation

TechApple conducted an exclusive interview with Sandra Lee, Assistant General Manager at MGV Innovation, to learn more about their solutions.

Key Features of Interactive Display Solutions

  1. Multi-Touch Functionality: Break free from the limitations of single-user interaction with multiple touchpoints that allow several people to browse information and interact simultaneously.
  2. Powerful Content Display Capabilities: Supports up to 50 sets of information content, showcasing various company brand information or projects, providing a comprehensive overview.
  3. Zoom Functionality: Users are no longer confined to fixed display frames. They can freely adjust the window size according to their needs, whether for close-up views or full-screen displays. This flexibility is complemented by the ability to download related information via QR codes.
  4. Real-Time Interactive Features: Sensors enhance user-brand interaction, creating engaging and proactive connections that open new business opportunities.

Benefits of Upgrading Old Displays

  • Cost-Effective: Reduces the cost of introducing interactive technology. Many enterprises are deterred by the high costs of upgrading equipment. However, with this technology, companies can upgrade old devices to support modern features like touch functionality at a lower cost, reducing the direct cost of purchasing new equipment and enabling quick adaptation to market changes.
  • Positive Feedback: Since the launch of this solution, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Applications range from customer service centers and trade show promotions to corporate branding. There are plans to further expand this technology to other fields such as education and entertainment.


Integrating interactive elements into old displays not only extends their lifespan but also enhances their functionality and value. This innovative approach by MGV Innovation offers a practical and economical solution for businesses looking to upgrade their technology without incurring high costs. The positive reception and potential for expansion into various fields underscore the significant impact of this technology.