Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Allwinner H700: A High-Performance Quad-Core Multimedia Platform Becomes the Core Choice for Gaming Consoles

The Allwinner H700, first announced around 2021, was originally positioned as a high-performance quad-core multimedia platform. As of 2024, it has recently been adopted in several domestic budget gaming consoles, causing a significant surge in its popularity. What makes this multimedia-focused SoC stand out? Will it become as influential in the gaming world as the Allwinner A523 did in the entry-level tablet market in 2024?

Allwinner H700: A High-Performance Quad-Core Multimedia Platform Becomes the Core Choice for Gaming Consoles

Core Specifications of Allwinner H700:

  • CPU: The H700 features a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor, utilizing a 64-bit architecture to enhance processing power and efficiency.
  • GPU: Equipped with ARM’s latest G31 GPU engine, it supports OpenGL ES 3.2 and Vulkan 1.1, providing robust graphics processing capabilities.

Image Processing and Video Decoding Features of Allwinner H700:

  • Video Decoding: Supports comprehensive 4K@60fps 10-bit ultra-high-definition video decoding, capable of handling H.265/VP9/AVS2 formats, and supports up to 6K@30fps H.265 decoding.
  • Video Encoding: Includes low-latency H.264 video encoding, supporting up to 4K@25fps.

Display and Output Capabilities:

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR): The H700 supports a 10-bit processing pathway for HDR video, compatible with SDR/HDR10/HLG EOTF, and color space conversion.
  • Display Outputs: Supports multiple outputs, including HDMI 2.0, dual-link LVDS, RGB888, and CVBS-OUT, catering to various display needs.

Advanced Imaging and Display Technologies:

  • SmartColor 3.3: Allwinner’s proprietary image enhancement engine, which provides an exceptional user experience for video playback.
  • Distortion Correction: Supports vertical/horizontal distortion correction, crucial for projector and distorted display applications.

Connectivity and Peripheral Support:

  • Rich Peripheral Interfaces: Includes USB2.0, SDIO3.0, and a 1000 Mbps Ethernet MAC, offering a variety of peripheral connection options.
  • Audio Support: Features two DAC channels and one audio output interface, supporting both differential and single-ended line outputs.

For more details, refer to the datasheet: Allwinner Tech PDF


The Allwinner H700 is proving to be a versatile and powerful SoC, especially appealing for budget-conscious gaming consoles. Its advanced multimedia capabilities and robust support for various technologies make it a competitive choice in the evolving tech landscape.