Saturday, July 13, 2024

Beyond the Prompt Series: Powerful Google Workspace AI Tutorial

In the era of AI, the Google Workspace team has announced the launch of the “Beyond the Prompt” series, designed to help users fully leverage Gemini for Workspace. This series will regularly publish concise tips, advice, and insights to enhance productivity, creativity, and work quality.

Gemini for Workspace collaborates with AI to assist users in writing, organizing, and visualizing to accelerate workflows and improve meeting quality. These functionalities are available in applications such as Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Meet, and Slides, and support for Google Vids is expected in the future. The full potential of generative AI can be harnessed by writing effective prompts.

“Beyond the Prompt” Prompt Tips

What is a prompt? It can be seen as the beginning of a dialogue with an AI assistant. Like any good conversation, you may have follow-up questions, requests, and ideas, which could lead to writing multiple prompts during the conversation. While the possibilities are nearly endless, there are practical examples to consider.

When writing effective prompts, there are four main areas to consider:

  • Persona: Who is asking for information?
  • Task: What do you need Gemini for Workspace to do for you?
  • Context: Any additional information Gemini can use to generate more specific responses.
  • Format: The format you want Gemini to use for outputting results, such as bullet points, a specific style of images, etc.

For more insights, check out the “Beyond the Prompt” series: