Thursday, July 18, 2024

GienTech Hosted the “2024 GienTech Digital Transformation Conference”

Digital transformation specialist GienTech and China Computer Federation (CCF) Digital Finance successfully co-hosted the “2024 GienTech Digital Transformation Conference” with the theme “Envisioning a Future of Digital Intelligence” on May 22 in Hong Kong. The conference focused on the transformation and new opportunities in the digital economy era, showcasing innovative breakthroughs and practical applications in industry digitalization, with the aim of strengthening ecosystem development and promoting opportunities for overseas collaboration. Nearly 130 guests from government, business, and industry associations attended the conference. Many long-term partners of GienTech, including Huawei and Deloitte, also attended the event, jointly building a collaborative ecosystem.
On the first anniversary of GienTech’s brand launch in Hong Kong, the company organized the “2024 GienTech Digital Transformation Conference” to showcase the industry applications and overseas solutions of its Financial-Grade Digital Infrastructure to key industry customers and partners in Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as to share successful stories from the Greater Bay Area.
“Amidst the rapid development of financial technology, financial institutions require increasingly flexible, efficient, and secure IT infrastructure to support their continued business innovation and growth. GienTech’s Financial-Grade Digital Infrastructure is well-equipped to address these needs. It provides comprehensive solutions spanning from underlying infrastructure to upper-layer applications, enabling financial institutions to achieve rapid deployment and operate efficiently. Over the past year, GienTech participated in mainframe migration and data warehouse migration projects for several leading financial institutions, playing a pivotal role in these projects,” said Feng Ming GangExecutive Deputy General Manager of GienTech.
“In the next wave of technological revolution and industrial transformation, digital technology and digital economy have emerged as key forces in reorganizing global resources, reshaping the global economic structure, and changing the competitive landscape worldwide. As a pioneer in the field of computing, CCF aspires to harness collective intelligence from different sectors to jointly address the opportunities and challenges of this historic period. CCF is committed to integrating the resources and capabilities of the financial industry, fostering innovation and development in the digital finance field through the mutual empowering of ‘finance’ and ‘’technology’,” said Zhang Dong Wei, Senior Vice President of GienTech and Vice Director of CCF Digital Finance.
GienTech unveiled its next-generation Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to the overseas market for the first time during the conference. The solution underwent innovative upgrades in four key areas, including customer, channel, collaboration, and technology. This comprehensive solution deepens customer journey management by shifting the focus from “product sales”-oriented to customer demand-oriented approach. It strengthens omni-channel construction and deepens inter-channel synergies to enhance customer experience. Additionally, it strengthens retail-wholesale linkage and provides comprehensive financial services, embracing big data and artificial intelligence to improve customer management automation, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.
The next-generation CRM solution is currently being adopted by The Bank of East Asia, Limited (“BEA”) to provide an enhanced experience for its customers. Seaman Zhong, Head of Information Technology Department at BEA, was a guest speaker at the conference and showcased on the Bank’s latest fintech development.
To further accelerate the digital transformation of global customers, several GienTech business experts introduced key product solutions, including platform engineering, data governance, and transaction banking, at the event. Data has emerged as the critical driver of enterprise digital transformation, with data assetization currently accelerating across global enterprises. “With our long-term accumulation and in-depth insights into thousands of mainland customer cases, GienTech already possesses a complete and mature enterprise data solution. The data asset management platform of GienTech’s Financial-Grade Digital Infrastructure has been validated by many large mainland financial institutions. We look forward to providing more overseas customers with accurate and efficient data asset management as well as digital transformation support in the future.” stated Du Xiao Zheng, Standing Committee Member of the CCF Data Governance Development Committee, Executive Member of the CCF Expert Committee on Big Data, Deputy President of GienTech Research Institute, and General Manager of the Business Analysis BU.
A roundtable themed “Prospects for Digital Intelligence Application in Banking and Finance ” was also held during the conference. Representatives from The Bank of East Asia, Limited, Livi Bank, and Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), as well as experts of GienTech shared their insights on the prospects of digital intelligence in the financial field and discussed the application and development of generative artificial intelligence in the banking sector.
William Wong, Senior Vice President of GienTech, said, “Leveraging nearly three decades of global presence and industry expertise, GienTech has been actively promoting digital transformation in Hong Kong and supporting financial and other critical industries to embrace new digital opportunities. This year, we established the Overseas Solution Center, which focuses on solution development and globalization. On April 27, GienTech signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) on generative artificial intelligence-driven research. We also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with The University of Hong Kong – Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation FinTech Academy (HKU-SCF FinTech Academy) for research on critical artificial intelligence technologies in the financial field. In the future, GienTech will continue to foster the development of overseas ecosystems, further empowering the digital transformation of finance and other critical industries in overseas markets.”