Tuesday, July 16, 2024

SAP NOW Hong Kong 2024 Showcases the Power of Business AI

SAP held its annual flagship event, “SAP NOW Hong Kong 2024”, with the theme “Bring Out Your Best: SAP Business AI”. Over 400 industry leaders, technology experts, and innovative thinkers gathered to explore the usages of Business AI and cloud-based digital transformation, sharing insights on how to optimize operations and uncover new business opportunities in the intelligent new era by leveraging AI.

During the keynote session, Dr. Chenhong Huang, SAP Global Executive Vice President and President of Greater China, stated: “We are excited to be entering an era where artificial intelligence significantly impacts business models and the competitive landscape. SAP Business AI is relevant, reliable and responsible, enabling enterprises to stay competitive in a rapidly changing market and achieve robust growth. By combining SAP’s cutting-edge Business AI, cloud and data management solutions, we effectively empower Hong Kong and Macau enterprises to achieve agile, globalized and sustainable development”.

To allow enterprises to experience its latest services firsthand, SAP announced a fully upgraded “Business AI Experience Center” at its Hong Kong office. The center guides customers and partners through a three-pronged approach – from understanding to implementation – to gradually achieve digital transformation and unlock boundless possibilities brought by Business AI, thusly:

  • Inspiration: Showcasing the potential of AI in driving innovation, efficiency, and growth through
    real-world business demos and success stories.
  • Empowerment: Providing businesses with the knowledge and understanding of AI-driven
    solutions, enabling informed decisions and driving digital transformation.
  • Collaboration: Fostering collaboration between SAP, customers and partners, by providing a
    platform for interactive workshops, live demos, and knowledge sharing sessions

Mr. Esmond Tong, SAP Managing Director of Hong Kong and Macau, said, “The upgraded experience center can demonstrate real-time use cases of Business AI across different industries, inspiring Hong Kong and Macau enterprises to understand the demand for Business AI-embedded solutions and solve their pain points while driving business growth. As a collaborative platform, the center can further strengthen the relationship between SAP and customers to better understand their needs and provide them with more suitable applied solutions. With over 50 years of demonstrable experience, SAP serves 26 industries, offering industry-specific solutions for enterprises of all sizes.This can empower them to accelerate their business development through SAP’s integrated offering while supporting their business transformation.”

Since the launch of SAP Business AI last year, SAP has over 27,000 global customers using it, and more than 130 use cases covering core functions such as sales, finance, supply chain, and human resources. By integrating Business AI into industry-specific solutions, SAP has significantly enhanced enterprises’ productivity, effectiveness and resilience. For instance, the century-old pharmaceutical company Roche has leveraged SAP Business AI to reduce the time for drug research and production forecasting from weeks to just 2 hours, improving the accuracy of these flows by 40%. This has led to a substantial increase in R&D investment returns and strongly mitigated decision-based risks. Additionally, SAP has helped Delta Air Lines utilize Business AI to bolster employee satisfaction, create personalized career plans, and achieve precise talent matching. It’s resulting in a 98% high- performer retention rate, and 25% of frontline employees taking on managerial roles, strengthening the company’s competitiveness, and enabling them to achieve their various business goals.