Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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UnionPay Online Payment Now Available in 60+ Must-Have Apps for Global Visitors to China

UnionPay has recently joined hands with more than 60 online merchants, including Meituan, Ctrip, JD.com and Pinduoduo, to enable online payment for UnionPay cards issued outside China’s mainland, covering key online use cases such as shopping, transit, flight booking, and utility payment. Drawing on the product and service innovations driven by Project Excellence 2024, UnionPay is dedicated to providing diverse and seamless payment services for international customers.

When making payments online, users can select “UnionPay” or the merchant’s own service as the payment method at the checkout page, and enter the information of the UnionPay card to have it securely linked. Online payment for UnionPay cards issued outside China’s mainland is now available in the apps of well-known merchants such as Meituan (lifestyle), Ctrip (travel), Pinduoduo (retail), CaoCao Mobility (ride share), T3 Go (ride share), Didachuxing (ride share), Air China (airline), Dingdang Kuaiyao (pharmacy), Yonghui Life (supermarket), CR Vanguard (supermarket), RT-Mart (grocery), Sam’s Club (retail), and BL.com (retail). UnionPay online payment is designed to fully accommodate the payment preferences of international users in China, and provide a secure and efficient payment experience for global cardholders with unified specifications, signage, and way of access that remove the barriers in online payment. In addition, the uniform payment portal and onboarding process allow merchants to easily enable UnionPay and receive UnionPay’s full-range support.

In response to the call of the Chinese government to optimize payment services and enhance payment convenience, UnionPay has launched Project Excellence 2024 to continuously make payments in key scenarios more accessible by playing the role of an industry hub and in collaboration with various players in the payment sector. In terms of online spending, UnionPay’s acceptance network now covers 22 million+ online merchants in over 200 countries and regions out of China’s mainland, supporting various day-to-day use cases such as online shopping, takeaway, taxi, travel booking, and utility payment, and servicing cardholders of the 230 million+ cards issued outside the Chinese mainland.

In the future, UnionPay will continue to promote payment service innovation, optimize the payment environment for the most commonly-used scenarios in order to make UnionPay products easy to use everywhere, and provide a better payment experience for users across the world.

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